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Rainbow Station Multifloral Manuka & West Coast Honey 85+250g

Rainbow Station Multifloral Manuka & West Coast Honey 85+250g

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Millions of bees, thousands of hives, and over one hundred years of family beekeeping make this honey something special.

The pristine mountains and remote forest of Rainbow Station along with the beautiful bays all over the top of the South Island of New Zealand are havens for our beehives. Back in 1899, T.Cropp built his first beehive in a wild, remote valley not too far from here. He was a pioneer that dreamed big, kept things practical, and passed on his knowledge to the next generation.

Rainbow Station Multifloral Manuka Honey & West Coast Honey has its own special flavor, harvested from our beautiful Rainbow Station Area, top of the South Island of New Zealand. Rainbow Station Multifloral Manuka Honey MG Grade Manuka Honey is tested and guaranteed to the stated MG level in every batch.

Our 85+ grading system means it contains more than 85mg per kg of Methylglyoxal (MG).

 About Rainbow Station:

The Cropp family began this venture back in the 1800’s when Philip’s grandfather started producing honey from hives at Rainbow Station and the St Arnaud area. Philip grew up inspired by what the land of New Zealand could offer and with that inspiration and business savvy attitude he created Nelson Honey & Marketing (NZ) Ltd in 1973, based in Motupiko at his family’s original home that both he and his children grew up in, after realizing the potential for high quality honeys, Philip began expanding the range offered and went further into nutrition and the now widely famous Royal Nectar skincare range was developed.

Philip remains very close to his roots, so when the opportunity to take over the Pastoral Lease of Rainbow Station arose, the Cropp family was immediately interested in preserving this part of New Zealand that is very close to their family’s heritage.

Note: This honey is not able to send to Japan, China and Vietnam due to countries’ regulations.

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