Woohoo! - Your Nelson Honey Product is on it's Way!

I want you to be sooo happy with your purchase and to be assured that your honey is 100% Genuine New Zealand. 

Unfortunately, the surge in manuka’s popularity has triggered an explosion of dodgy dealings on the part of manufacturers. According to the UK Independent, approximately 83% of the manuka honey on the 2014 global market was fake. The figure may be even worse today. 

You can verify that you have genuine Manuka honey by......

    1. Placing your unique batch code (from the honey Jar), into the "Batch Track" Tab at NelsonHoneyUS.com 
    2. And watching my short home made video. Have a peak, at my cousin Philip Cropp's exquisite bee hive location, at the top of the South Island in New Zealand.

Philip, my wife and myself enjoyed a lovely summer's day at my cousins bay. I'm hidden behind the camera, but my wife made me put in a few still shots of me :-)

You will see my son Andrew and I drinking from the crystal clear waters from a mountain feed river.


Paul White
Nelson Honey US