Manuka Honey Authenticity Testing

How to Find Real Manuka Honey

Unfortunately, the increase in manuka honey's popularity has triggered a rapid growth of dodgy dealings on the part of suppliers. According to the UK Independent, around 83% of the manuka honey on the 2014 global market was fake, and this figure may be even worse today.

Two minute video on the subject:   Authentic New Zealand Manuka Honey

We test all our Manuka Honey for MGO (Methylglyoxal) activity along with other chemical markers to ensure that it is authentic manuka honey.   Methylglyoxal is expressed as a minimum number of mg/kg and scientific evidence has confirmed it as being a key compound that occurs naturally in Manuka honey.


Your batch code, on every jar, lets you know that you have real manuka honey....

Our unique Manuka Honey Batch Track programme ensures you can easily find out all test results for your jar of Nelson Honey Manuka Honey. Each jar of Manuka Honey contains a unique Batch Code which you can enter in the form to the right to view the results of independent tests of C4 Sugars, Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and Methylglyoxal.